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I'm a qualified humanistic counsellor and psychotherapist, making use of a wide variety of psychotherapeutic disciplines. I am member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).  I offer skilled, professional support in a safe, confidential environment. Our sessions will go beyond every day conversation to help you form a deeper understanding of yourself.

Life can be difficult at times. Sometimes we know exactly what our challenges are. Other times, the root of problem is not so clear and you may need time to explore your past and how it is affecting you today. You may experience recurring relationship problems, behave in ways that don't support your life or your relationships with others. You may suffer with addictions, compulsive behaviours, inappropriately express strong emotions, or experience perplexing feelings of stress, depression, or a sense of meaninglessness in your life. Therapy can help with both specific problems that are solution focused and more complex, deep-seeded issues when the way forward is not so clear.


It is my belief and experience that the therapeutic process can bring about lasting change and a deeper sense of self that can enable you to create a richer, more meaningful and satisfying life.

Sandra Hailes

Qualifications & Training

Spectrum Therapy in London

Certificate in Counselling Skills (Oxford Cambridge & RSA)
One Year Course in Psychotherapy
One Year Continuation
Post-Graduate Certificate in psychotherapy
Basic Sexuality
Childhood Sexual Abuse: Occurrence And Prevention
Working with Anger
Persecutor/Victim/Rescuer And Leveller
Women's (Metaphors in Our Lives) Marathon
Professional Seminar Series
Action Techniques In Therapy
Developing Clinical Skills
Gestalt Therapy Series: Theory and Practice
Relationship Making
Awareness in Bereavement Care; Level 2, A Foundation Course
BA from Evergreen State University, Washington State in the US


About Me


My fee is £70 an hour

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