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     Supervision can offer a professional place for supervisees to recharge batteries, release the emotional charge of client work and attend to self-care. Supervision is regarded as, …….“A healthy, self-respecting, mature process founded on self-awareness, self-compassion and sometimes consultation with “trusted other””

    A Different Wisdom, Reflections on A Supervision Practice, Penny Henderson (2009)


“ Supervision is the joint exploration of material presented by the Supervisee. It involves the recognition that each party in supervision has different types of knowledge and experience (so that the Supervisee has greater knowledge of the client than the Supervisor, even if the Supervisor may have greater experience of therapy than the Supervisee); and it rests on the belief that despite large areas where there is little knowledge, in the dialogue of supervision itself there is always the possibility of greater understanding.”

                     Questions and Answers for Counsellors & Therapists, Walker &               

                      Jacobs (2008)


Aims and Objectives of Supervision


-To develop understanding, skills and competence by reflecting on your work with clients.


-To provide a regular space for you to reflect on content and process with your client work.


-To gain information and other perspectives.


-To provide space for more general reflection on the impact and experience of the work.


-To be validated and supported.


-To support you in not to carrying client's issues, problems and projections alone.


-To have a space to explore and express personal distress, transference & countertransference or anything you may struggle with in your practice.


-To support your overall growth in confidence, competence and creativity.


-To ensure safe and quality of work.



                                                   Fees and Practicalities 


Supervision sessions are 60 minutes long and are £70 for the hour.


Sessions can take place either at my office in Exeter or online.


OCN Certificate in Counselling Supervision

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